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Sai Seva Sansthan Trust is ensuring access to quality education in Ladakh


While Ladakh region has made significant progress in terms of development,access to quality education still remains a challenge, Delhi based Sai Seva Sansthan Trust have worked on several initiatives to improve access to education for students.

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They are pulling out all the stops in ladakh, set up in the year 2021 Sai Seva Sansthan Trust an organization focused on ensuring access and quality of education in Government Schools in remote villages, the organisation has since then, adopted some schools across both the districts of Leh , where they have helping built playgrounds, remote schools, provided classroom furniture, renovating schools, for local students. Many years back Founder of Sai Seva Sansthan Trust Nikhil Singh was hiking the heights of Ladakh when he came upon local teachers to Leh to get mid-day meal supplies and uniforms for their students, a journey that usually takes more than four days. Seeing such commitment inspired the founders of Sai Seva Sansthan Trust Nikhil & Sharad Singh to start an initiative to improve education for kids in the remotest of villages. Since then the Delhi based trust has been working with teachers & children in vario

capacities. As per Nikhil Singh, “Many are unaware just how tough & treacherous the terrain is, while on one of my treks, I fell ill and stayed for a night at a village which had just very few homes” The village had nothing else, no medical facilities, no shops. I managed to survive that ordeal despite suffering from lack of oxygen’ It was during that trek Nikhil Singh came across a school which had only four-five teachers & very few students. ”It was only then I decided to do something to improve the lives of school children

there.” For us at Sai Seva Sansthan Trust, education does not have a season. We work 12 months in a year, travelling to schools, providing equipment’s, conducting workshops or training teachers to ensure the students get the best education ”Nikhil explained having something as essential as a playground, he maintains, gives parents an incentive to enrol their children in nearby government schools, instead of sending them alone to private schools in distant Leh.

And Nikhil is driven to that little extra bit. Sai Seva Sansthan Trust just helped the Jamyang High school to improve their class rooms. As per Director of Jamyang school leh, Geshe Lobzang Samstan winters are very tough in Ladakh but support from Sai Seva Sansthan Trust especially Nikhil & Sharad Singh has made life quite easier for the students. Students of the school too are excited that management of Sai Seva is leaving no stone unturned to help them. Ultimately, Sai Seva


Sansthan trust is to reach out to more, similarly inaccessible areas, not just in India but across the World and to create happy learning spaces for Children.



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