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Sustainable & Innovative Architecture Is The Need Of The Hour!


As cities continue to grow and evolve, architects increasingly look beyond the traditional and explore unique styles that address both practical requirements and societal aspirations.

The quest for architectural innovation allows for the development of more sustainable buildings. By dabbling with novel resources and designs, architects can develop energy-efficient structures, minimize waste, and better integrate with nature.

These unique styles can also cultivate a sense of community and cultural identity. A city with a variegated building landscape becomes a vibrant tapestry, reflecting the values and aspirations of its residents.

Indian architect Sanjay Puri, founder and Principal Architect at Sanjay Puri Architect (SPA) has been gaining wide recognition for his unique design approach that focuses on sustainability and innovation.

He is mentored by architect Hafeez Contractor and worked in his firm to later start his own practice along with his wife Nina Puri.

Sanjay Puri’s style of design is an effort to construct buildings that not only meet the functional requirements of their residents but also reduce environmental impact while improving the overall quality of life.

One of the characteristics of Sanjay Puri’s architectural design is maximizing the use of natural light, space, and ventilation. Recognizing the significance of these elements in creating healthy and comfortable living spaces, Puri integrates expansive windows, skylights, and open-air courtyards into his designs to optimize daylighting and airflow. This not only reduces the reliance on artificial lighting and mechanical ventilation but also nurtures a closer connection with the outdoors, enhancing the overall well-being of its residents.

In addition to their focus on the environment and natural elements, Sanjay Puri and his team are known for their novel approach to spatial design. By reworking traditional design standards and adopting unusual layouts and configurations, they claim to create dynamic and versatile spaces that adapt to the evolving requirements of modern living. This emphasis on flexibility and adaptability ensures that each initiative remains relevant and functional over time, contributing to the joy of its occupants.

So far he has completed over 400+ projects worldwide. A notable example of Sanjay Puri’s innovative design approach is the “Lantern” residential project in Jaipur, India. Situated amidst lush green surroundings, the project features a striking geometric structure that optimizes natural light penetration while providing stunning views of the surrounding landscape. The building’s innovative design not only creates a visually arresting presence but also balances the temperature, demonstrating the firm’s commitment to both looks and stewardship.

As cities keep dealing with the difficulties of rapid urbanization and climate change, the work of Sanjay Puri serves as a beacon of inspiration for architects and urban planners alike. Through their dedication to sustainability, innovation, and maximizing natural resources, the firm is reshaping the architectural landscape, one project at a time. With a keen eye for design excellence and a constant dedication to social responsibility, Sanjay Puri claims to leave an enduring impact on architecture for future generations.

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