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Decoding UPSC Success, Ignite IAS hosts Insightful Session with K N Chandana Jahnavi, UPSC AIR 50


Hyderabad, July 06, 2024 – Ignite IAS hosted an enlightening session featuring K N Chandana Jahnavi, who secured an impressive All India Rank (AIR) 50 in the 2023 UPSC exam. The event, held at the Ignite IAS campus, aimed to provide aspiring candidates with valuable insights and effective strategies for cracking the UPSC exam. Chandana Jahnavi shared her journey and emphasized the importance of dedication, strategic planning, and mental resilience in achieving success.

During the session, Chandana highlighted the need for personalized preparation strategies, urging aspirants to understand their strengths and weaknesses. She detailed her approach to creating a study plan that maximized her strengths while addressing weaker areas. The importance of consistent revision and practice was another focal point, with Chandana discussing how revisiting topics multiple times deepened her understanding and retention of concepts. Additionally, she stressed the significance of practicing answer writing to enhance clarity and precision in the actual exam.

Chandana’s journey to UPSC success began on May 31, 2019, marking the start of a five-year-long endeavor. Her journey includes three attempts, three selections, and progression through three different services. In her first attempt (CSE 2020), she was recommended to the Indian Corporate Law Service with the Reserve List-01, undergoing 21 months of training. Her second attempt (CSE 2022) led to a recommendation for the Indian Revenue Service (Income Tax) with AIR 313. Despite a challenging initial experience, where she narrowly missed the main list, Chandana persevered, ultimately achieving a top 50 rank in her third attempt.


Balancing optional subjects with general studies is a common challenge for UPSC aspirants, and Chandana provided practical tips on managing time effectively to cover both areas comprehensively. She also shared techniques for stress management and maintaining motivation, including meditation, regular exercise, and a positive outlook. Emphasizing resource utilization, Chandana recommended focusing on a few quality sources rather than overwhelming oneself with numerous books and notes.

The highlight of the event was the interactive Q&A session, where Chandana answered questions from the audience. She provided personalized advice and clarified doubts on topics such as choosing the right optional subject, effective time management strategies, and dealing with setbacks. The session was highly engaging and informative, leaving attendees with renewed motivation and a clearer understanding of the path to UPSC success.

Academic Dean AN Reddy commended Chandana for her dedication and perseverance, stating, “Chandana’s journey is a testament to what can be achieved with hard work and a focused approach. Her insights today have provided our students with a realistic and inspiring roadmap to success in the UPSC exams.” Director Chintam Srinivas Reddy added, “At Ignite IAS, we are committed to offering our students the best guidance and resources. Sessions like these with successful candidates help demystify the preparation process and instill confidence in our aspirants.”

Director of Finance V Pavan Kumar praised Chandana’s resilience, remarking, “Her journey showcases the power of persistence and the importance of never giving up on one’s dreams.”

UPSC Journey:

Chandana’s UPSC journey is a remarkable testament to perseverance and resilience. She began her preparation on May 31, 2019, and over five long years, she made three attempts, resulting in three selections into different services. Her first attempt in 2020 earned her a place in the Indian Corporate Law Service (ICLS) with the Reserve List-01, following 21 months of training. In her second attempt in 2022, she secured AIR 313 and was recommended to the Indian Revenue Service (Income Tax). Despite the initial challenges and narrowly missing the main list by just a few marks in her first attempt, Chandana’s determination saw her return stronger, ultimately achieving a top 50 rank in her third attempt.

Chandana’s educational background includes a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from BIT Mesra (2013-2017) and a master’s degree in business administration from IIM Indore (2017-2019). Post-MBA, she worked with Deloitte for 14 months, during which she began her initial UPSC preparation before resigning in July 2021 to fully dedicate herself to the exam.

Balancing her job and preparation, Chandana utilized every possible moment, studying early mornings, during transit, and lunch breaks. She used various tools like the Yeolpumta app to track her study hours and maintain motivation. Her meticulous approach, even while working, demonstrates her extraordinary multitasking abilities and commitment to her goals.


The event concluded with Chandana distributing awards to the best-performing students in academics, quiz competitions, seminars, and assignments. Students felt motivated and charged up for their preparation. Ignite IAS, a pioneer in integrated courses, frequently organizes such sessions to inspire and guide students towards civil services. The program saw the participation of Director Chintam Srinivas Reddy, Academic Dean AN Reddy, Chief Mentor NS Reddy, and Director of Finance V Pavan Kumar, who felicitated Chandana Jahnavi for her achievements.

Ignite IAS, the premier IAS Academy in Hyderabad, is dedicated to providing the best IAS coaching with integrated programs like Inter + IAS, Degree + IAS, and Direct IAS. With comprehensive classes, interactive teaching methodologies, and personalized attention, Ignite IAS empowers and guides students to achieve their dreams of becoming civil servants.


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